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Beta is now available!
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High-quality image processing using 3D technologies, technical vision, perspective and lighting settings. That is exactly what you need to visualize architectural and landscape projects!
Augmented reality
Now you can inspect any product or different object as right in front of you. All you need is in your smartphone!
Web services
Plunge into the endless world of web technologies. Place orders, conduct experiments, communicate. All this without the need to download and install anything on your device.
Remote control
Control and manage any device from a kettle to a UAVs swarm.
Smart technologies for manufacturing, business and home will free you from routine.
Augmented reality is not the future, it is already here!
Facade configurator
A program that allows you to select materials for a house or other object in a few simple steps. The photo can be textured according to the customer's product catalog. Also any decorative objects can be added on the scene.
Paving configurator
An application for visualizing the layout of paving slabs of all kinds of patterns and colors. It has tools for automatic and manual creation of a layout, as well as tools for post-processing and decorating the output image.
Controlling a swarm of drones
A web application that allows you to monitor the flight and control the UAV group in real time. The system also contains a tool for creating a flight plan and analyzing data from flights of the past.
Online laboratory
A group of web applications combined into a single service, the purpose of which is to popularize science through demonstration and remote participation in experiments. The resource visitor is invited to conduct an experiment remotely. The progress of experiments can be monitored by video cameras and sensor readings.
Close quarters mapping
Hardware and software complex for building maps of indoor spaces using robotic systems. The result is achieved by combining different types of detectors such as lidar, ultrasonic, radio sensors and stereo cameras to create the most accurate picture of the environment.
KUKA Youbot manager
A software package for remote control of KUKA YouBot. The software includes controls for platform and manipulator arm movement.
Beta is now available!
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