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What solutions do we offer you?
High-quality image processing using 3D technologies, technical vision, perspective and lighting settings. That is exactly what you need to visualize architectural and landscape projects!
Augmented reality
Now you can inspect any product or different object as right in front of you. All you need is in your smartphone!
Machine learning
Using neural networks for object recognition takes image processing capabilities to a new level!
Web services
Plunge into the endless world of web technologies. Place orders, conduct experiments, communicate. All this without the need to download and install anything on your device.
Automation and remote control
Smart technologies for manufacturing, business and home will free you from routine. Control and manage any device from a kettle to a UAVs swarm.
3D modelling
Creation of complex 3D models of high complexity and detail, as well as high-resolution renders.
Our projects library
Paving configurator
An application for visualizing the layout of paving slabs of all kinds of patterns and colors. It has tools for automatic and manual creation of a layout, as well as tools for post-processing and decorating the output image.
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